007 Bar Mitzvah

Holding a Bar Mitzvah party at home is a common request from our clients. Having two events in one (not so big) garden, is a bit more challenging and difficult to fulfill.

When we first met with Nir, our Bar Mitzvah boy, and his parents they wanted to have a dinner reception for their family and a joined party for family and Nir’s friends. We decided to become creative. The family lives in a central village, at the end of a Dutch street, with entry only for the neighbors. So we suggested the party will be held in the street. They came up with a better solution: Having one event at their neighbor’s garden, across the street, and the party at their own garden. Needless to say we were a bit concerned. Having an event for 100+ guests tends to ‘leave its mark” in any garden. The rental equipment and stepping on the grass can be traumatic, regardless of our efforts to make it as harmless as it can be. But they were for it and we went on to having 2 parallel events. In order to distinguish one event from the other, we had a Natural Garden reception at one garden, and a James Bond / 007 themed party in the other.

Nir, who turned out to be a fan of the 007, played the role of the famous agent. He was the most elegant host and served his friends non-alcoholic Martinis. Being born in New Zeeland gave us the necessary international flare and we sent him on a secret mission in his 007 movie. Then he went on the stage and performed perfectly a Hebrew version of THRIFT SHOP FEAT, as an introduction to the band performing with cover party songs for both audiences. We meet a lot of kids at the ages of 12-13 that are shy, overwhelmed by the situation, or just didn’t like to party. I can tell you Nir wasn’t one of them. He rocked!

And this is the most important thing in a Bar Mitzvah party. Make your star of the night have a blast.