50 Shades of Purple

Three years ago our client approached us and we threw a surprise party for her husband’s 50th birthday. This time it was “payback” and her husband decided to surprise her on her 50th.

We thought we knew her very well, a successful travel agent who also teaches tourism. But hey, recently she had also become an interior designer. Immediately we thought of an ‘international’ concept. But we did not stop there! We dug up some more information and it turned out that her favorite color is purple – ’50 Shades of Purple’ sounded just right for the concept, for so many reasons…

So we sent invitations to all her friends, reminding them to keep it a big secret and asking them to come with a purple item. We send the birthday girl a bogus invitation for another friend’s Birthday (same location, same concept but an hour later).

The venue was decorated with five rounded flower arrangements in different shades of purple, hanging above the dance floor, representing the 5 decades of her life. A wish corner was set up with a collection of notes papers in different shades of purple, for guests to write their greetings. All sorts of purple gadgets were distributed.

20:00 – The guests arrived. At 20:50 we briefed them on how to light their purple stick-lights upon the birthday girl’s arrival. At 21:00 the birthday girl entered the room – Surprised –shocked-overwhelmed and sooo happy.

The party continued with greetings from her friends and family. Followed by her favorite solo singer and Beatles cover band performance. All this together created a great retro party, with friends from all parts of life, and a fabulous birthday cake with the writing “Veni, vidi, vici”. Because she did!