60th Birthday Party

A distinguished and respectable man reaches the age of 60 and allows himself to ‘take a walk on the wild side’ on his 60th birthday party.

A 17 course dinner, created by the chef Eyal Shani, was the ‘basic grounds’ for this memorable night, held in the unique venue, the “SALON” in Tel Aviv. In front of the astonished guests, the chef taught our birthday boy how to de-bone a fresh big sea fish. For a person for whom the kitchen had been “off limits” it was a challenging and exciting experience.

Carmi Shimron sang him his favorite song, along with a very personal version of “happy birthday”, Marilyn Monroe style. A talented belly dancer taught our birthday boy how to shake, shimmy and jiggle, and he cooperated gladly. Cabaret girls were there to indulge the guests with quality cigars and chocolates, getting photos with whoever wished to feel naughty. It was a mid-week evening and all the guests stayed for the dance party into the night. Life begins at 60!

Any age is right for fun. If you haven’t done it yet this is your time to begin!