Osnat Eldar SIGNATURE EVENTS is a prestige event boutique service. Producing events that elevate into a unique experience, in Israel and Europe, and creating a moving and creative celebration to savour and remember.We create accessible, luxury, special events for our clients, while maintaining a delicate balance, in terms of quality and availability. Offering full service event planning which goes above and beyond.
We have the savoir-faire of planning a variety of upscale events from Jewish weddings in Israel, to Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Social parties, Philanthropy events and much more. Each event is personally crafted, with attention to details, and enriched with inspiration and sophistication. We come from the heart and see our SIGNATURE EVENTS fill our clients and their guests with happiness and joy (or, as we say in Hebrew, Lots of SIMCHA).

“I have vast experience in creating exclusive events, which meet several personal abilities and a special characters: enthusiasm, passion, creativity and festivity. I accompany my clients through their journey towards meaningful events and share, with them, their moments of joy.

A good event is; “tailor-made”, of many details, handled with attentive care that creates a magical ambiance. A SIGNATURE EVENT is one that guests simply don’t want to leave, and do not forget for a long time…

Each time my couples walk down the aisle I am moved, each Aliah LaTora I shiver, and at each birthday party I smile happily. You may say I am an emotional person, maybe, but I just take each event’s success personally. I have a unique collection of memorable moments, extended at each event I produce.”

A note of thank you is due for all suppliers who make every one of our events such great success. We have first hand knowledge of professional and creative vendors who make your dream event come true. Special thanks goes to my devoted crew of technical managers, producers and events hostesses. Thank you for the excellent work!

We are always delighted to be a part of our client’s joyous moments, assuring our plans turn into a wonderful event making our clients and their guests blissful.