Award Ceremony 2014

Monday March 17th 2014, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The evening began with a reception cocktail and hors d’ oeuvres in an exciting atmosphere.

The MC for the evening, Linoy Bar Gefen, began the ceremony by introducing the opening act; Mozart’s Turkish March, played by pianist Irit Rob from the Israeli philharmonic orchestra. Following this piano piece, the Mayer of Tel Aviv, Mr. Ron Huldai, gave a heartwarming speech.

This year was an extra special ceremony, as Mrs. Ruth Rappaport herself was celebrating 90 years of age. Naturally, the event’s program was design to fit this occasion, with a ‘throwback’ concept, dating into the 1920’s and up until today.

The ‘throwback’ concept was prevailed in many aspects of the evening’s program; starting with the video clip that was edited from old photos and later on in the evening, a class of ballroom dancers performed a routine that marveled the audience (homage to Mrs. Rappport collection of Carnet de Bal (dancing programs).

Between the piano playing and the dancing, the real reason for this moving gathering took place, the award giving. Ellen Ginton, curator of the Israeli collection at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, introduced the Art award and, following the viewings of their videos, the two laureates, Alma Itzhaki (young artist) and Ido BarEl (achieved artist) received their certificates and awards from Mrs. Ruth Rappaport and member of the board, Mr. Haim Samet.

Next in line, came the Rappaport prize for Bio Medical science to Israeli researcher, introduced by Prof. Ariel Miller. Prof. Yair Reizner and Dr. Yaakov Nachmias received their awards for Israeli investigators, both for their innovating developments which led to in medical research worldwide.

Once the pictures had been taken, a tailor made monologue was recited by the respected Israeli actor, Ivgenia Dodina put together with an Israeli classic song, Mrs. Rappaport’s favorite, sung by singer Dana Adini.

The evening came to an end with the presenting of Rappaport Prize for change generating women in the Israeli society. The prizes were awarded by La’isha magazine editor, Orna Nener, and were awarded by Mrs. Mimi Mozes and Mrs. Vered Drenger to Sari Rivkin and Keren Shemesh Perlmutter.
This year, an out of the ordinary prize was awarded to one very special lady, Ms. Ruth Dayan who received the prize for Lifetime Achievement, handed by Ms. Ruth Rappaport herself. This meeting between the two ladies was so emotional and received a standing ovation from the entire audience. It was a perfect end to the evening, together with another well known song sung by Dana Adini.
The crowds exited the auditorium with tear of joy and happiness and returned to the main foyer where desert was ready for them. If all that was not enough gh, each guest left the ceremony with a leaving gift in their hand, a special edition of the Laisha magazine, presenting all the winners.