A Journey to 13

This was a 5 days Bar Mitzvah in Israel, held for a Swiss family and their guests.

The experience began in “Na Lagaat” center: A training center and meeting place for deaf, blind and deaf-blind. Here a workshop was passed onto the guest and some sign language was taught. The guests learned relevant signs regarding the Bar Mitzvha concept and the family’s ideology. This was followed by dinner at the dark restaurant of the center, entailing a multi-sensory, culinary experience.

Second day: Towards north of Israel. A trip to Acre (Hebrew: Akko) a historic- anthropological tour let by the local guide Abdu, guests had lunch at the homes of local Arab women. In Abdu’s Diwan black coffee was served and Arab music was introduced to the guests. Our Bar Mitzvah boy dressed up of in a traditional Arab garment, the Galabia. From Acre we continued to the Kabbalah Centerin Safed, to explore Jewish mysticism.

Third day: A Tefillin-laying ceremony at an ancient synagogue in Biriya woods. The moving ceremony was accompanied with Jewish klezmers. Following the traditional ceremony, an adventurous outdoor experience began, including: horse riding, Jeeping and tom-car rides, and a cooking workshops in the woods.

The Bar Mitzvah Challenge: At the age of 13, teens love to be on their own. Our group split up. Adults went on a tour of the Christian holy sites and the youngsters went to an overnight jaut. This was a unique, extreme experience, tailored for young hearts. In the Golan Heights special visit to an IDF base was made. Dinner was served around the campfire, and overnight camping experience was followed by an Omega jump and mountain rappelling, the next morning.

Fourth day: Return back to the center of Israel. We stopped at the Mediterranean beach for a wonderful afternoon of fun and arrived Tel Aviv, just in time for a festive Shabbat dinner.

Saturday: Dignified Aliya la-Torah at the Tel Aviv Ashkenazi central Synagogue.

At night the Bar Mitzvah Party took place in the venue: Reading 3. This was a themed party, integrating the Bar Mitzvah boy’s hobbies such as drum playing, ice hockey and street art designed by Florist to fit our Bar Mitzvah boy’s all favorites.
Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in Israel is a great way to experiences the journey to adulthood.

Our dear client wrote us: “We are all looking for other reasons to celebrate in Israel… with your amazing creativity and professionalism”.