Bar Mitzvah Journey

A Bar Mitzvah is a journey. It is a path from childhood to manhood, the time to reveal insights.
Israel, the land of mystery, enchantment and many secrets, is the perfect location to have such a Bar Mitzvah journey- the place where old meets new, east meets west and past, present and future are a natural combination of daily life.
This Bar Mitzvah event was a four day celebration. It started with an introduction at the wishing bridge in Jaffa, and continued with a day trip to Jerusalem, the Judea desert and the Dead Sea. The Bar Mitzvah boy and his friends stayed for a challenging overnight camping experience which included a field cooking competition, paintball shooting and sing along. Everyone woke up very early in the morning to climb mount Masada for a Teffilin-laying ceremony, at sun rise. Then they went up to Caesarea for a traditional Shabbat dinner at a private estate, where the family tree was built. The Aliya Latora, official ceremony, took place at Caesarea’s synagogue on Saturday morning, followed by the traditional Kiddush.

The finale was a dance-music party took place in Stoa, with live performances and lots of surprises that ended when guests had to leave for the airport.

Bar Mitzvah in Israel – the best journey to adulthood.