Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Girls just want to have fun!

A Bat Mitzvah has less obligations than a Bar Mitzvah has, as far as reaching adulthood and religious or traditional ceremonies are concerned. This leaves a lot of room for interpretations and improvisation. Each Bat Mitzvah girl can have her own dream event. Usually this is the age girls “step out of their shells” and are willing to put a lot of effort into being at their best and showing their talents. Themed events, such as rock stars at a concert hall, flying tissue acts in the Circus, dancers at their dance party, and standup comedians, are just few of the Bat Mitzvah events we have had in Israel. It is all about taking the Bat Mitzvah girl’s talent and creating something wonderful, for all her guests to share. It is a meaningful journey and lots of fun for all.
When the future Bar Mitzvah girls turns 11 – she is 12 months away from her big day. This ia a perfect time to begin the preparations. Any where better that in Israel!

Being an experienced event planner in Israel for over a decade, we at Osnat Eldar SIGNATURE EVENTS know what girls like and how to make their Bat Mitzvah event a significant one.