Beach Wedding

If you want to walk down the aisle when the sun is just about to kiss the day goodbye and disappear into the water, if the combination of coastal nature and elegant design is what you seek, a beach wedding in Israel is your perfect choice. Designer Elki Jacobs designer used the ‘official colors’ for this beach wedding: Aqua green with white and touches of silver, and upgraded the look to a fine and stylish surrounding. We added light balls on the sand, which made the path to the water glowing.

Hand fans were distributed during the ceremony, and flip-flops were a perfect match for this party. Generally the soundtrack can range from Chill-out to Tribal dance and then House or Jazz to beach and sea themed songs.
An ‘after party’ on the sand, near a bonfire, could be added, and for all the ‘extreemers’ there, a campout and breakfast the next morning, could create an overall experience.

You can have your beach wedding at the Israeli coastline (Mediterranean sea, north to center of Israel), or in Eilat (Red sea, south), or even at the Sea of Galillee (north).

Look how Sandra and Re’em enjoyed their wedding