Dan’s Bar Mitzvah

Meeting Dan, for the first time, I instantly understood what a special boy he is. What child integrates affection for taxis and singing of Jewish religious chants?

Dan’s Bar Mitzvah guests’ a mixture of family friends and classmates had all been invited to celebrate this special occasion with him. In order ensure that all of his guests, of all ages, would enjoy themselves, we created a separation of compounds:

For the teenagers: A full gaming area was set up. Non-alcoholic drinks were served from a kids bar, kid’s food was dished out, and a special dance floor was created.

For the adults: A second complex was set up. A dance floor was made, facing the stage, Alcoholic beverages, and a special reception.

The children were invited to join and enjoy the show, after the reception. Dan combined his passions for taxis, but the greatest surprise was the show he gave when he joined, live, ‘Jerusalem Flowers’ (Pirchei Yerushalayim) boys choir for an unforgettable performance. At the end of the program guests split up: children returned to their compound for dances and games and in the main area, the dance floor was cleared and ‘Imagine’ band performed on stage, so adults enjoyed a super party!