Girls Only

One of the joys of women is to spend time amongst themselves… This event was a birthday celebrated with Galit’s best female friends, who took a timeout from dealing with the husband, the children and other daily chores, and went into the wilderness. Galit’s loving husband specifically asked us to create a challenging expatiation. I was not really sure the girls would cooperate, but was happy to discover that they got right into it!

The girls began their experience with a glass of chilled Lambrusco and fresh pastries from ‘The Bakery’. This was a pleasant welcome as they began their adventures and headed to the north of Israel.

In the north of Israel, a country style breakfast awaited them. This was followed by rappelling from the Bow cave (35 m’ high). The challenges were daring, and we were thrilled to find that they were cooperating well beyond our expectations. We took the steep slope (marked for serious walkers) and continued with a cylindrical beer brewery lunch, where each lady received her personalized “Bravery Diploma”.

But the girls did not come only for the challenge, but much for the indulgence and the luxury, which I definitely think they deserve. In a fine Estate in the Western Galilee, they had a yoga class by the pool. Relaxation time and a chef’s feast in an enchanted garden designed especially for them. In our preliminary correspondence, we asked the guests to prepare personal greetings. They took the task seriously and tears of emotions flowed continuously… But we are here not just to move and excite. Dessert was served in a designed lounge, where a laughter workshop took place, leaving the girls roaring with laughter until the middle of the night.

After a peaceful morning by the pool, the girls were ready to go out for a bike ride leading them to an isolated beach near Achziv. Here they spend a lovely morning in a white tent with lots of music, food & beverages, massages and many other treats.

Our Birthday girl concluded: “If you already reach the age of 40, better to enjoy it all the way through”