Hanna’s 80th

Hanna’s children decided to surprise her for her 80th birthday. How do you surprise an active lady who manages her extensive family life, updated on every nuance of the life of her children and grandchildren?

A ‘tailored’ frame story, in which she was chosen from her class of nursing students, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to participate in a documentary movie about that period. After agreeing, the “door” for the researcher opened and we got access to all necessary information. We went to the University’s archives and managed to find personal letters and even her grade sheets. This was not an easy task considering the fact that she had studied during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948.

Friends from different periods and continents sent recorded greetings. Hanna’s children acted in an “Italian Mafia” movie. A known TV host interviewed guests and the “all time” Israeli singers, Nahum & Si Heiman, swept the guests in a sing along.

The outcome: An exciting evening of a private life story woven into Israel’s history.

Hanna, being an an elderly lady, spoke with us one week prior to the event and told us that she got all excited and thrilled, just like a little girl.