Rosh Hashana Wedding

At our first meeting, Adi told me that when Amir proposed to her, she had one request: That her wedding would be unique, but within reasonable budget. A young, educated, charming couple, with a distinctive musical taste, wants to tie the knot in Israel, just before the new year begins concept wedding?

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year’s) wedding in Israel.

We began with the “conceptual look”. A look which captured the holiday spirit, as it appeared in old greeting cards. Therefore, woven into the wedding’s logo, was the initials of their names. Sadot (fields), was the chosen location. This location carries rural character, in an environment untouched by time.
Paul Assenheim cuisine provided the menu, served in open kitchen stands. The holiday symbols – pomegranate mojito, figs and pomegranate seeds salads, fillet mignon in apple chutney, and as a final surprise, caramelized apples on a stick all added to the ambiance.

Adi chose to have a color palette of red, orange and green, which combined joy and festivity. The designer, Chris Weys, added a touch of rust and khaki highlighted the retro look.

The reception was accompanied by old tunes of the ’50s, during dinner, the music style was of a piano bar, party began with a live show by the band “the Blues Messengers” with all bands greatest hits and 2 hours of a trance party, played by DJ Idan Gavriel.

During the evening, two videos were made by the extended family. These videos were lovely, humorous clips and at the end the entire family came up to the stage and sang together.

The couple’s friends, conducted extensive research and collected Greetings from friends from all around the world.

We asked the close family to find in their photo albums from their own weddings, and we created an all generations photo wall. We added heart shaped cookies to the coffee stand, and at the party we handed flip flops, t-shirts bearing selected quotes from the cult movie “Colombian Wedding” were given to the men of the family. Our team greeted guests on their way home with Wishes for a happy new year and handed them a mini box containing a jar of Honey.

The event revolved around personal touches and a combination of old and new memories.

Adi called the next day to thank us and said that she had a wedding of her dreams…

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