Ori’s Bar Mitzvah

Ori’s Bar Mitzvah event was celebrated on a Friday with an audience of about 500 guests. It began in the early afternoon, a time frame that was suited for the younger participants; classmates and children of family friends. The venue area was built as an amusement park, full of games suited for ages 1-15. In addition, we had a relaxation compound for the little ones, with blankets and pillows, accompanied by a babysitter. This allowed the adults to enjoy themselves, with no limitation. Aya Zeelim designed the main hall as an ultra-urban club, facing a huge stage for the performances to come.

The evening began with Shabbat Candle Lighting by Ori’s mother and a sing along of Songs for Shabbat.

Ori plays his electric guitar very well, but the thought of having a thirteen year old perform on a stage, accompanied by eleven musicians and singers, and in front of all of his 150 friends and family, worried us. We were not sure it would work…..

It turned out to be unbelievably spectacular! Ori could not have been more excited and the show was a huge success. He opened a dance party which lasted into the tiny hours of the night.