Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new children’s hospital can simulate cutting the umbilical cord of the newborn. All organs are perfect and now we have to let the child grow and develop and step out to the journey of life

Having an event in an active construction site is a major production challenge. Until the last minute trucks unloading building materials, raising clouds of dust every now and then… and guests are nearly arriving…

We chose to have a dual Master of ceremony for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Ruth Children Hospital: Yael Dan, a known media interviewer affiliated with the health system, and Hagar, an adorable 11 years old girl.

The program opening was a flying installation performed by Y circus on the wall of the hospital. “Patient and Doctor” embark on the journey of treatment to recovery

Hospital general managers were invited to cut the ribbon to Ruth Children’s Hospital along with our respectable donor, Mrs. Ruth Rappaport, accompanied by her great grandson. Once the ribbon was cut thousands of balloons were free into the air and guests were invited to enter the gates for the first time

Speeches carried by the managers of the Children’s Hospital and Rambam medical campus, Mrs. Ruth Rappaport and Haifa Mayor along with the Israeli president’s written blessing. It was a perfect opportunity to handle The Ramabam awards to 2 of the hospital’s friends Mr. David Green and Mrs.& Mr. Barer accompanied by the famous late Ofra Haza’s song “Tfila” (prayer) performed by singers of the Haifa art school. Next interesting performance was a silhouette installation, designed to illustrate the unique architectural design of the building, serving the holistic approach to the treatment of the sick child and his family, as expressed in this hospital

Just before singing the national anthem, Yael Dan thanked Hagar, the young MOC beside her, a Hodgkins cancer patient who was treated at the Children’s Hospital and cured. She invited her “Fellow sufferer” Gali to sing “Hatikva (Israel’s anthem).

In the end of the day the completing of the building of Ruth children’s hospital is another step in the healing of children and completing a magical world of childhood.