Sea View

When Shay came to our office the first time, he mentioned two things which were important to him, for his wedding in Israel: to have a sea view and that his future wife, Chana, originally from Estonia, would feel at home.
We found a place with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, and set the Huppa an hour before sunset. We added seating corners and lighting poles to create the effect of a beach promenade. The Florist Design decorated it in shades of green and white on the exterior deck, and classic shades of Mahogany and vintage pink in the main hall.
But what about Chana?
Our beautiful Estonian bride told us the Estonian custom is that the bride, after the wedding ceremony, loses her maiden name. We embraced the idea and used white doves. The newly wed couple released the doves straight after their official marriage and attached to the doves was Chana’s old family name. After the Huppa ceremony a group of Breslev Chassidim carried the groom, singing emotionally and dancing. After dinner a live band of eleven musicians performed and hosted one of Israel’s most prominent Greek singers.

Upon departure, each guest received a Tehilim prayer booklet, with a personal dedication.

mmm those Summer days – wondeful for having a wedding in Israel