When I’m 64

A very special lady, who loves to party, came to celebrate her 64th Birthday. Not a rounded number, and yet something we can surely define as a milestone’ especially due to the Beatles’ famous song. So we set a lovely beach party in one of Israel’s most beautiful coasts; Michmoret

The general ambiance was set to be Mediterranean, and a very famous oriental restaurant was chosen to caterer; El Babur

The reception was held on a tent on the beach itself, with backgammon and card games, Nargillas, and an ambiance with the sunset and music and special canapes.

When the sun went down we preceded to an open terrace. There an Oriental dinner was served, accompanied by a live sing along. It was a warm night so we added lots of chilled alcohol and popsicles.

The crowd was made up of youngsters in their 20’s, up to adults in their 60+. The talented DJ, Amir Cohen, put together a successful dance party that lasted till the small hours of the morning.