Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Bar Mitzvah Event

Bar Mitzvah (coming-of-age) is the stage when a Jewish boy becomes morally and ethically responsible for his decisions and actions and considered old enough to have certain rights.
It is a major life-cycle event that requires notion and celebration, combining marking of the religious implications and transitioning between childhoods to manhood. Celebrating your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel carry special meanings: Establishing the relation of your family with Israel, the Jewish land, deepening the understanding of his religious and creating a life shaping experience. Having a Bar Mitzvah Event in Israel combines traditional locations, such as Masada in the Judean desert, the Kotel (wailing wall) in Jerusalem, or ancient synagogues in the Galilee or the Golan heights, fabulous natural landscapes (Galilee, Judea and the Negev deserts, the Mediterranean coastline, Eilat and the Red sea) and so many more, all in best climate conditions throughout the year.

We believe a journey should hold much more, and Israel, the land of mystery, enchantment and many secrets sure has many “added values”: Colorful demography, historical-ethnical and modern sites (all within a walking-short drive distances) and us, the Israelis: initiative, creative and warm.

We, at Osnat Eldar SIGNATURE EVENTS, love kids! So we tailor make for their meaningful Bar Mitzvah celebration a one-of-a-kind experience, seeing every boy as an individual with his own special likes-hobbies and preferences.

We invite you to join us in this path of celebrating one of life’s most important milestones. Guys, don’t worry! Your BarMitzvah will also be incredibly cool & fun!